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Children. Love. Cooking.

In 2013 we had an idea. It's that kind of idea that you just can't stop thinking about and one that got us to where we are today. Teach children cooking basics. Teach children that cooking is fun, interesting, exciting and scientific. Teach children that cooking encourages creativity, teamwork, camaraderie and cooperation. Teach in a kitchen similar to one kids will find at home using ingredients and equipment found in their own drawers and pantries. We knew this would be challenging in many ways from designing a creative cooking environment to every aspect of running a small business. Then we opened that September and our lives were forever changed.

We are not a culinary institute. We don't claim to be one and we don't charge as if we were one. Our staff and owners love working with children and we absolutely love to cook. We do not wear fancy chef jackets and checkered pants. We teach your kids how to cook and very often it's their first time. When we ask if anyone has ever cracked an egg before, there are often hands that stay down and that's ok. We light up at the opportunity to introduce a new ingredient or skill to your children or when a 3 year old tries a kiwi for the first time in our preschool class and loves it.

Oh, and we're parents too. We know you're busy. We know you are driving your kids around town from one activity to the next because we do it too. So we know that you might not have the time or patience to sit down with your children and teach them how to make a buttermilk biscuit or pancakes from scratch, a simple pie crust or scrambled eggs. We love teaching these classes because these are the skills that children need to know and it will stay with them for a lifetime. 

Recently, we watched a children's cooking show and the child made kangaroo sausage. Of course the host said it was the best kangaroo sausage he'd ever eaten. This is not reality. Rest assured, we will not have a kangaroo sausage week at Bakers Buzzin'. These shows are sensationalizing what normal children are able to accomplish in the kitchen. Don't get us wrong. We love the focus on children and cooking. It's good for business. But again it is not reality. Those children are most often not eating what they make. How is that fun? How is that learning and experimenting? How is that real life? 

Reality is making sure your kids are washing their hands and taking their apron off before they go to the bathroom. Reality is making sure they don't sneeze in their bowl of ingredients or eat the cookie dough that has raw eggs in it. Reality is knowing that what might look like a mess to you most likely looks like a masterpiece to your young aspiring chef. We use a safety knife for many of our classes and for good reason. Reality is that learning to cut with a knife takes time and practice.

We have had the pleasure and privilege of cooking with thousands of children since we opened our doors. From classes, kids night outs and parties to field trips, scout events and family workshops, each and every child who we cook with is different and unique. Our goal is that these children have a fun and rewarding experience. We tell them spills happen and that's ok. We tell them to get their own ingredients from the refrigerator, to wash their own fruits and vegetables and to clean up after themselves. That's what we do and that's what we're all about.

Please come and visit us and see for yourselves what the buzz is all about. You and your children will not be disappointed.   

Andrew and Leslie Fisher
Owners and Founders
Bakers Buzzin'

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